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I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
(8:02:45 PM) jillian: also I have read 100+ pages of regretsy and I'm only now coming to realize how insane etsy is, like, BEYOND the crafted vaginas and dead animals
(8:02:53 PM) jillian: apparently you're not allowed to say anything bad about anyone
(8:03:13 PM) jillian: even if they're doing something that's against the site rules
(8:03:35 PM) kai: lmao wow
(8:03:35 PM) claire: haha yeah etsy won't help you at all with being ripped off or stolen from :(
(8:03:57 PM) ariel: the forums are so hugboxy
(8:04:28 PM) jillian: I would open a store and sell jars of farts or something but that seems like more effort than it's worth
(8:04:45 PM) lisa: I would be your supplier
(8:05:10 PM) jillian: lolol, see, our farts are exotic and ETHNIC, guys
(8:05:22 PM) ariel: i thought about opening an etsy store and selling some of these old clothes i deconstructed
(8:05:42 PM) ariel: but i can't bring myself to charge like $40-50 for something anyone can do with scissors and a couple studs, EVEN THOUGH ETSY PEOPLE DO IT ALL THE TIME
(8:05:47 PM) liisu: i'm concerned about the sudden thought that EXOTIC LADYFARTS might actually have a market
(8:05:53 PM) jillian: hafhajhaha
(8:05:57 PM) kai: Japan
(8:06:01 PM) kai: /gets out
(8:06:02 PM) liisu: ngl.
(8:06:14 PM) claire: not everyone on collarme lives in japan tho.
(8:06:20 PM) liisu: also that.
(8:06:24 PM) ariel: i would venture that none of them do
(8:06:27 PM) ariel: but many of them want to.
(8:06:29 PM) jillian: I am posting this convo somewhere, idk where
(8:06:40 PM) claire: goingtohellgrouptherapy
(8:06:52 PM) lisa: hey hey every so often we can spray some rose perfume in a jar and tell people they're my mom's farts
(8:06:55 PM) claire: wait no, okay
(8:06:58 PM) jillian: hahahha
(8:07:00 PM) claire: lex luthor would buy farts
(8:07:02 PM) claire: now it's on topic.
(8:07:09 PM) jillian: fhajfhadjfha
(8:07:20 PM) liisu: he'd buy superman's farts, probably
(8:07:26 PM) jillian: /crying
(8:07:27 PM) claire: to experiment on
(8:07:40 PM) claire: KRYPTONIAN GAS
(8:07:42 PM) liisu: DOES superman fart? is there some kind of special planet thatguy power??
(8:07:44 PM) jillian: but Bruce would hijack the shipment and replace them with cat farts
(8:07:45 PM) claire: i went to college.
(8:07:47 PM) lisa: ...dammit you beat me to it
(8:07:57 PM) ariel: better question:
(8:08:02 PM) jillian: what Bruce would then do with the farts, I dunno.
(8:08:03 PM) liisu: why does bruce have farting cats
(8:08:05 PM) ariel: if superman does fart, how explosive is the force of it?
(8:08:12 PM) lisa: selina would help bruce collect the cat farts y/n
(8:08:14 PM) liisu: like how does he achieve this
(8:08:18 PM) ariel: man of steel, woman of kleenex, colon of jet pack?
(8:08:19 PM) liisu: is he massaging farts out of cats
(8:08:24 PM) jillian: idk, let me ask Dream (no)
(8:08:26 PM) lisa: /crying
(8:08:34 PM) slarti: …What the hell did I just come back to.
(8:08:37 PM) jillian: hahahahahha
(8:08:40 PM) ariel: i bet it sounds like gunfire -- hi slarti
(8:08:40 PM) liisu: colon of jetpack sounds like we've explained how superman flies
(8:08:41 PM) lisa: somebody needs to draw batman massaging farts out of cats
(8:08:58 PM) liisu: wait wait hang on
(8:08:59 PM) claire: my sudden silence in here is due to loling helplessly irl just ftr
(8:09:02 PM) liisu: someone posted the other day
(8:09:16 PM) lisa: i'm right with you claire
(8:09:57 PM) liisu: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo1usbYir01qacszxo1_500.jpg
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
16 May 2011 @ 12:44 pm
[00:00] jillian: /nearly spilled a buttload of pills into my cocoa-coffee >:|
[00:00] tk: /throws jillian's pills around willy-nilly
[00:00] jillian: I would have done a Superboy Prime EVERYTHING IS RUINED!!!!! -- TK y u do dis
[00:01] tk: to give you a taste of your own medicine, worst ubu
[00:01] jillian: hahahahahh
[00:01] tk: (see what i did there)
[00:02] kai: it doesn't take a ~detective~
[00:02] kai: to see it
[00:02] slarti: These puns are the pits.
[00:03] slarti: Still, at least they're not condiment puns. Those are the wurst.
[00:04] takhys: Slarti.
[00:04] takhys: I think you need to come here.
[00:04] takhys: I relish the horror I am about to unleash upon you.

[06:41] kai: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lgln4diS7q1qcfhrxo1_400.gif
[06:43] alice: lkjsdf
[06:43] alice: what episode is that from why is he dressed as the joker
[06:45] kai: lmao I don't remember, it's probs one of the Jokerz gang tho
[06:46] alice: /leaves
[06:46] jillian: hfdjlkhdjshf
[06:46] tk: hahah
[06:47] tk: Terry randomly attacks Bruce
[06:47] alice: i just like the idea of bruce thwacking him in the face with a cane okay.
[06:47] kai: hahahaha
[06:47] tk: He just gets fed up with Bruce's mood one day and decides he'll be a villain
[06:48] jillian: LMAO
[06:48] tk: cue montage of him dressed up in shoddy costumes of every major supervillain, attacking and being beat down with the cane, one after another
[06:49] tk: (his weapon is always a bat)

[21:52] tk: Today on TK Eats Random Stuff: carrots and dijon mustard
[21:52] cyndi: how is it
[21:52] tk: Sorry, honey dijon. And it's actually really good
[21:53] tk: but then, I am obsessed with mustard.
[21:53] anna: /dips tk in mustard
[21:53] tk: oh god my eyes
[21:53] anna: quick lick your eyeballs off
[21:54] claire: augh you guys stop letting ra's out of his cage
[21:55] tk: /hangs out on the ceiling :|
[21:55] takhys: If we had a better Ubu, this wouldn't be a problem.
[21:55] claire: jillian.
[21:56] jillian: >_>

[03:19] cyndi: someone on my school's missed connections site posted one for the joker
[03:19] cyndi: someone else shortly afterwards posted one for ronald mcdonald.
[03:19] cyndi: idk which of these alarms me more
[03:21] cyndi: At McDonalds: Male, Redhead. You, have red hair, almost as red as ariel's from the little mermaid. you look like your pale white, literally, and have a huge disproportionate mouth, which is red. You wear the sexiest yellow jump suit, and you must have like a size 40 foot. Those big red shows make me smile. Can you make me a McDouble McHottie. ;*
[03:23] cyndi: At Everywhere: Male, Blonde. I see you all the time causing trouble. You`re tall, have darker blonde hair, and have scars on the sides of your mouth, but i think its SOOOO cute!! If you werent such a jerk I think me and you could totally be an item. You always have such a stern look of concentration on your face. Can I ask you a question? Why so serious?

[23:00] slarti: ["If you could just make him realize something, just like that, then you wouldn't really be having this problem at all, but unless you're Darkseid, that's wrong. And even for Darkseid, that's wrong, but then he is an evil despotic New God who's made the search for the Anti-Life Equation to be his ultimate goal, so it's not like he cares."]
[23:00] slarti: — me, to a friend having relationship issues.
[23:00] slarti: ["things i never thought i'd say: why can't i be more like darkseid?"] — said friend's reply
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
03 December 2010 @ 03:57 am
[06:45] jillian: oh great and now GROWN UP utrh Jason is like "sup, I'm having Thanksgiving with Dick" and I'm just like "YOU'RE NOT FUCKING HIM, RIGHT?"
[06:46] kay: HAHAHAha
[06:46] kay: honestly that's just
[06:46] kay: batfamily fandom mantra
[06:46] jillian: hahahahah
[06:46] kay: BUT YOU'RE NOT FUCKING, RIGHT ;_:

[18:53] tod: man, Gotham City would have a lot less problems if it weren't a giant matte painting.

[03:18] erin: ... I just realized something.
[03:18] erin: How much you wanna bet Clark Kent plays Farmville?
[03:18] kat: ...but Farmville steals your personal information
[03:18] kat: And sells it
[03:19] erin: Thank goodness he doesn't put 'ALSO SUPERMAN' on his facebook profile.

- ... no?
- Kai's faceless horror at the state of comics/comic book RPers
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
What the butt is this
Welcome home!
This is so beautiful.
Amazing team-up!

[14:21] steve: A BAT-HUG
[14:21] steve: =8|
[14:22] jillian: yeah, but are they gonna actually get one?
[14:22] steve: no
[14:22] jillian: that's what I thought
[14:22] steve: >_>
[14:36] cp: isn't that p much how bat hugs work

[23:27] greer: so wait, jilli
[23:27] greer: is jason really annoyed that danny healed and looked after him :o
[23:27] jillian: no
[23:28] greer: okay because i was just thinking back to the angry meme last night and how jason was all bristly about being treated like danny's kid or something
[23:28] greer: :|a
[23:29] jillian: that is related entirely to the baths
[23:29] greer: danny would like to point out that some women (and....... men) would die for that opportunity
[23:29] jillian: lol
[23:30] greer: jason should be honored
[23:31] greer: that was a k'un-lun bathing technique
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
23 June 2010 @ 10:41 am
Amazingly keyworded icons for Maxwell Lord
"@Booster_Gold You'll always be my favorite Green Lantern, Booster."

Context: in theposthumans, Iron Man's AI is a character, played by Captain. We call him Suitchan. Beck plays Reed Richards, Jason plays Hank Pym, and Jill plays Tony Stark.

[00:59] beck: reed could make give it a new paint job, make it shiny, give it some encylopedia updates
[00:59] beck: make it more spacey inside, enable the wearer to go into space or underwater, also install a urinary filtration system
[01:00] captain: HAHAHAHA
[01:00] captain: that last one
[01:00] jason: Hank could teach it proper bitchslapping form

I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
26 May 2010 @ 12:33 am
Jeri is playing a young Keanustine.

[22:21] jeri: so i refrained
[22:22] jeri: from having john be like "huh, sting"
[22:22] jeri: "i have this ....strange feeling"
[22:22] jeri: but in here
[22:22] jeri: there is no fourth wall
[22:22] jilli: lmao
[22:22] kai: XD
[22:23] jeri: although at this point he is ...so far removed
[22:23] jeri: it's like "26 degrees of I'M SORRY, ALAN MOORE"
[22:28] liz: JERI
[22:29] jeri: --what
[22:29] liz: what have i said about apologizing to he-who-must-not-be-named
[22:29] jeri: oh right
[22:29] jeri: I know, I know
[22:29] jeri: His beard will come for me in the night.

[13:48] kai: fkjdgfdkjhd Googlisms
[13:48] kai: tim drake is being groomed as the new grant morrison
[13:53] jilli: lmaoooo
[13:55] jilli: also "being groomed" always makes me imagine people stroking someone with a dog brush or something
[13:58] kai: I guess for Grant Morrison grooming that would be a dog brush laced with drugs

A new Lantern Corps arises!
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
11 March 2010 @ 01:28 am
Love Calculator results

[22:12] slarti: Pffffft. So, because Netflix suggested it in its Watch Instantly system and I was bored, I'm watching "Superman: Doomsday", and goddamn, what has happened to Bruce Timm's art style.
[22:12] slarti: Superman has these mighty mighty and ugly cheekbone lines, it's almost more like he's got scars on both cheeks.
[22:13] jilli: I never understood why Superman has only lines and a dot for eyes
[22:13] takhys: Because he sold his eyes for wisdom.
[22:14] jilli: ........
[22:14] kai: hahaha
[22:14] jilli: where did that come from

that's what he gets.Collapse )
I Can't Believe It's Not Infinite Crisis!
Captain America
Ra's al Ghul
the Question

[00:42] jilli: "Just because my organization is a "cult" of sorts doesn't mean that we all wear snuggies!"
[00:47] slarti: Ra's al Snuggie
[00:47] claire: REJECTED
[00:48] slarti: "Master, it's not that we doubt you, but... zebra print?"
[00:48] jilli: lmao
[00:49] slarti: Meanwhile, among my other loot was some ShamWows, which I am now picturing Batman throwing one into a Lazarus Pit and it soaking it all up.

[01:04] slarti: Also, snrk. This paragraph talks about various First Earth Battalion non-lethal weapons, such as:
[01:04] slarti: ["There is a special pheromone that 'can be used to mark target individuals and then release bees to attack them.' There's the Electric Glove, the Electric Police Jacket, 'which jolts anyone who touches it,' the Net Gun, and the Electric Net Gun, which is the same as the Net Gun but 'will release an electric shock if the target tries to struggle.'"]
[01:04] slarti: And all I can think is, "...This is all Bat-gadgetry."
[01:08] jilli: except for the bees, yes.
[01:08] jilli: COVerED IN beES!!! is definitely not a Batman attack
[01:08] slarti: Well, also, bees are really a deadly weapon.
[01:08] slarti: I mean, my God.